• Cost

Data networks are expensive, and with IoT devices generating frequent, bursty messages, these costs can quickly spiral out of control. SpringBoard’s IoT tools reduce these costs by compressing IoT data by as much as 20x.

  • Battery life

Preserving battery life is critical for IoT devices such as sensors, smart meters and location trackers where space limits the use of bulky batteries that may need to stay on for months or years. SpringBoard’s IoT tools reduce the size and frequency of data transmissions, drastically improving battery life.

  • Operational efficiency

IoT solutions often communicate over slower wireless networks, forcing the need for more and more actionable data to be extracted faster. SpringBoard’s IoT tools optimize data to overcome bandwidth, latency and power issues.

  • New low-powered WAN options

Today’s low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) run at extremely low data rates, and each type of network can have its own unique constraints in terms of message size. SpringBoard’s IoT tools compress and optimize data, ensuring fast, efficient communications—regardless of network constraints—over any existing or new protocol that enters the market.


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Intelligent Compression APIs

Much more than compression, our multi-stage APIs maximize optimization because they are purpose-built for IoT environments, using a high-speed, scalable family of algorithms that yield up to a 20x reduction in data

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Any2Any Protocol Connector

Residing on the front-end of any IoT or Service Provider Platform, the A2A Protocol Connector automates translation between dissimilar protocols, with a highly extensible architecture that future-proofs again the endless stream of new protocols

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