Intelligent Compression APIs

Data compression is typically a critical requirement for a successful IoT deployment, especially in a world of low-power WANS and compute- and memory-constrained battery-dependent low-power devices. But it takes more than simple compression to overcome the growing list of challenges these innovations bring. A new kind oWS Intelligent compression APIs 03 29 2016f compression is what’s needed. We call it intelligent compression.

WindSpring’s SpringBoard Intelligent Compression APIs use a multi-stage approach, compacting, compressing and converting data to maximize optimization. The result? Compression rates as high as 20x. This huge reduction is realized through WindSpring’s patented compression algorithms, one of many patents the company holds relating to compression and device connectivity.

The SpringBoard Intelligent Compression APIs are:

  • Purpose-built for IoT environments
  • Include a scalable family of high-speed algorithms, up to 15GB/s
  • Yield up to 20x reduction in data
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