WindSpring DMT Automotive Solutions

Integrating quickly evolving technology into new vehicles comes with a host of challenges, and one of the biggest challenges is in navigation systems. Maps contain huge amounts of data—data that has to be both compressed and constantly updated in the navigation system. Today, apps typically deal with this data problem through “de-contenting”, a process that reduces the amount of information available to your navigation system. But choosing which data to leave in, and which to take out is its own challenge, and making changes to maps typically requires decompressing the entire file, editing, then recompressing it. That’s a time consuming and costly process.

WindSpring changes all that.

WindSpring DMT technology is the only solution that lets users retain direct access to all of the navigation data—anywhere within compressed files—without having to decompress the entire data set or file first. Our patented technology allows users to view and edit any content, on the fly, saving valuable time, money and resources.

That’s why industry leaders like Alpine, Honda, Mercedes and BMW rely on WindSpring for their data optimization solutions. In fact, you’ll find WindSpring inside of millions of systems, in millions of cars in twenty-two countries around the world.

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