WindSpring Data Management Technology


WindSpring’s patented Data Management Technology (DMT) gives you the framework you need to optimize compressed data for mobile, storage and M2M solutions. DMT is an integrated suite of interchangeable compression CODECs designed to maximize data storage, access and compression performance.

DMT accelerates the performance of applications by eliminating the need to decompress entire files to access the data within them. DMT also provides a fully integrated caching system that improves response times for accessing frequently used and recently accessed data.

DMT also manages storage by dynamically selecting the best compression system based on the type of storage being created or accessed. DMT’s content-aware systems also selects the best CODEC for data compression in a specific storage system.

DMT enables block level access to compressed data, achieving near-native data transfer speeds for cloud, network and local compressed files. DMT also provides compression and message CODECs that allow communications to be optimized for large and small messages.

Best of all, DMT provides the detailed analytics required to tune your systems for optimized configuration, including tools for compression rates, access speeds and caching performance.

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