Proven, lightweight IoT optimization tools accelerate development and cut costs

WindSpring helps carriers, IoT platform providers and OEMs solve some of the biggest problems that come with deploying IoT solutions. Developed on a flexible, modular architecture, WindSpring gives you the building blocks you need to put a lightweight, optimized IoT solution in place.

With a machine of medium complexity generating 1GB of data or more per day, it’s safeSpringboard Graphic 03 22 2016 to say that IoT data will soon dwarf the consumer web. And with all those devices consuming bandwidth, often over cellular networks, variable expense management for data is critical. WindSpring’s SpringBoard Platform delivers optimized compression that cuts data costs by as much as 20x with our Intelligent Compression APIs.

Protocols also play a critical role in optimization, from impacting the size of packet payloads and associated bandwidth usage, to ensuring security and enabling centralized software development and hosting. WindSpring’s Any-to-Any (A2A) Protocol Connector works with any of today’s protocols, and is continually updated to work with new protocols as they are deployed, making it the industry’s only future-proof connectivity solution.

Finally, because WindSpring’s SpringBoard solution simplifies two-way communication between the device and your network, it is now possible to manage devices remotely throughout their lifecycle, including firmware distribution at scale, and detection of defective and unauthorized devices.

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