SpringBoard Enterprise Cloud Management Solutions

There are a host of challenges that come with large 3G and 4G deployments of wireless devices. One of the biggest is managing devices in remote locations with unknown wireless environments, often requiring the dispatch of a technician to address any problems. Another is the high cost of wireless transmission of the valuable data from the device to a management system.SpringBoard-Dashboard-for-PPT-1-09-14-2015

The WindSpring Platform overcomes these challenges by making it possible to monitor, manage, configure and update geographically dispersed systems without the need for onsite support. Even better, WindSping’s patented compression technology reduces wireless traffic by 10x, drastically cutting data costs, and our unique “any-to-any” Protocol Connector works in virtually any environment and easily extends into any back-end systems.

The SpringBoard Platform simplifies M2M device management by providing a single management console for configuring devices, tracking performance and updating software. And SpringBoard can be adapted to any environment, anywhere in the world.

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