SpringBoard Smart Meter Solutions

smart meterSmart grids and smart meters are revolutionizing the energy industry. One result of this revolution is generation of massive amounts of data by millions of smart meters and other connected devices. While that data is incredibly valuable for managing utility networks more efficiently, smart meters have tiny amounts of memory and storage built in, so the data they generate has to be moved from the meter to a server so it can be leveraged.

Here’s where the problem gets costly. Many utilities are connecting their smart meters to their networks via 3G and 4G wireless technology, eliminating the need to build out an expensive infrastructure. But moving that data through wireless networks is incredibly costly, especially given that a typical smart meter generates as much as 400MB of data per day.

That’s just what happened in India, where a leading global enterprise and WindSpring customer has deployed 3G-connected smart meters. These meters generated sixty 40 byte messages per minute, and with wireless costs at $15 per MB, that approach simply wasn’t cost-effective. So the customer worked with WindSpring to deploy the SpringBoard M2M Solution.

The result: data usage was cut by a factor of 10! That’s a 98% reduction in data, driving a huge reduction in operating costs, and a key factor in transforming the deployment into a viable solution.

WindSpring’s SpringBoard Platform features high-performance, specialized messaging algorithms that work in any environment regardless of protocol. These algorithms are designed to optimize compression in environments where storage and memory are limited, and frequent, short messages are sent over the network. Most compression algorithms work best on large files, and would actually make the smart meter data files bigger. That’s where WindSpring stands out, and the proof is in our patents.

In fact, SpringBoard uses just 1k of memory, without causing any performance degradation, making it invisible to the user. And because SpringBoard features our unique “any-to-any” Protocol Connector, it works in virtually any environment.


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