Why is optimization critical to successful IoT deployments?

WindSpring’s SpringBoard Platform is a game-changer for device makers, wireless carriers and platform providers that are bringing IoT solutions to market. That’s because working with low-power devices with limited battery life has its challenges, and sending data – sometimes lots of data – over low-power WANs or costly wireless networks is an even bigger challenge. SpringBoard’s suite of enabling IoT tools overcomes those challenges, optimizing, connecting and extending your IoT solutions from the device to the network back-end. SpringBoard has been purpose-built to optimize efficiency for IoT deployments across wireless and low-power WANs while working with any existing and future protocols.

WindSpring Springboard Graphic 02 16 2016There are two core elements to the SpringBoard tool suite: Intelligent Compression APIs, and our unique Any-to-Any (A2A) Protocol Connector.

WindSpring works closely with our customers, leveraging our patented component technologies to develop a customized approach that accelerates time-to-market.

SpringBoard also features high-value extensions that support our industry partners, including:

  • Analytics APIs that extend device data to the enterprise
  • Device management APIs that are OMA DM-compliant
  • Dashboard APIs
  • Enterprise APIs that extend to back-end storage
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